Top 10 Things to Consider When Thinking About a Divorce

A divorce is the most absolute and final step you can take if you feel that your marriage isn’t working out. This is not a decision which you will take lightly of course, and there is a great deal to consider before you completely decide that this is the right move. Before you make that decision to speak with a divorce lawyer and file the papers, here is what you ought to consider. 

End of Options 

Most successful marriages go through their ups and downs, and it is important to recognise whether or not you have tried all options before you decide on divorce. Couples therapy can help you out, and it can also help to show you that the marriage is in fact over. 


If there are kids involved you absolutely have to consider how this will impact them and what you may be able to do to avoid a divorce. If you are going to get divorced, you need to have a solid plan to protect the kids as much as possible. 

Avoid Logistical Thinking 

Ultimately this is a decision which is going to be based on your emotions, and not how it will impact your life. You cannot change your mind on divorce because of how it will impact your life, things will change, but emotionally they will change for the better. 

Get Advice

Even if you haven’t yet filed for divorce, it is going to be important to speak with a family lawyer and get advice which can help you. There is a lot of prep work for example, which can make the divorce proceedings run smoother.

Your Mental Health

If you are in a marriage which isn’t making you happy then divorce will certainly put you on the right path. With this being said you have to understand what this will do to your mental health and ensure you have a great support network around you to cope with it. 


Even if assets do get split 50/50 after the divorce, a lot of your finances may not be accessible whilst the proceedings are still ongoing. This is why saving cash now is going to be a smart move. 

Be Careful Who You Speak To 

Relationships with family members, both yours and your spouse’s will change a lot during and following the divorce, so be careful who you speak to and what about. Not everyone is someone you can confide in. 

Professional Help 

There is nothing wrong with speaking to a therapist during this time, about you and your feelings. This isn’t about fixing the relationship but helping you to sail through the divorce proceedings without too much stress. 

Write Questions Down

Questions about what happens during the proceedings or what situation you will be in afterwards are crucial, but you need to remember them when they occur. Write down any questions which you have and seek to get them answered by a divorce lawyer or someone who has been through this experience. 

Love Left 

And finally, before you pull the trigger on your relationship, consider whether or not there is any love left at all, anything salvageable in the relationship. There is no way back after divorce, don’t forget that. 

This is what you should be thinking about before you decide to get a divorce. 

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