How Workers Compensation Works

Unfortunately, people are sometimes the victims of debilitating injuries.  While many people assume they will be safe while at work, workplace injuries are actually quite common.  Thankfully, if you were injured while on the clock, you have the recourse of pursuing a workers’ compensation claim.

However, if you want your claim for workers’ comp to be successful, it’s a very good idea to hire a personal injury attorney with plenty of experience with workers’ compensation claims.  Here are just a few of the benefits a good personal injury attorney with this kind of background can provide to his or her clients.

Personal Injury Lawyers Often Work on a Contingency Basis

One big benefit of hiring a personal injury lawyer for your workers’ compensation case is that such attorneys often work on a contingency basis.  If this is true, what this means is the lawyer will not have to be paid until the claim is successful.  The lawyer’s pay will then come in the form of a percentage of the settlement that is awarded.  The client will only have to pay if the claim is successful.  If it isn’t, there will be no charge.  This means charges like retainer fees or fees for phone calls can be avoided.

Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Have Localized Knowledge and Experience

While you may be tempted to represent yourself in such matters, it is usually an unwise idea.  You won’t have the knowledge and experience to know how to best ensure the success of your claim.  While you can read about workers’ compensation online, how workers’ compensation cases actually work can vary widely from state to state and jurisdiction to jurisdiction.  If you live in Iowa, it’s certainly a good idea to hire a personal injury attorney in Iowa who knows how such cases work in your county in Iowa.

Such an Attorney Can Protect Your Rights

Another reason you should not represent yourself in such legal matters is because you may not be entirely aware of what your rights are under the law that outlines workers’ compensation in your jurisdiction.  In Iowa, this is the Workers’ Compensation Act.  This law determines how decisions regarding workers’ comp are made in Iowa and how settlements are allotted.  While we would expect them to, insurers and employers don’t always follow the rules and sometimes try to get out of providing coverage illegally.  Having a seasoned workers’ compensation lawyer on hand, however, will help guarantee that your rights are always protected.

The Attorney Will Know How Strong Your Case Is

One thing that may not be clear to every employee after a serious injury is just how much they can expect to obtain in a workers’ compensation settlement.  Each case is different, and you may have circumstances that are specific to your injury and employment alone.  However, a seasoned personal injury lawyer with experience with lots of different workers’ comp cases should be able to give you a good estimate of what you should be able to obtain in workers’ compensation.

Workplace injuries can and do happen.  Thankfully, the workers’ compensation system was developed to help insure companies against this risk and to properly protect employees who are no longer able to work due to their injury.  If you have been injured on the job, seek out the services of a personal injury attorney with experience in workers’ compensation cases.

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